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Monday, October 18, 2004



Comic enthusiasts will, of course, know the name of Mark Millar. The Scot has been one of the leading writers in the re-emergence of Marvel comics as a creative force by helming one of the company's successful Ultimate titles - Ultimate X-Men and the Avengers title - Ultimates. The Ultimate universe is a modern re-imagining of Marvel's best characters that don't have 40 years plus of continuity to contend with.

Millar recently did a lengthy interview with comics web site Newsarma and one of his remarks really interested me:
"As I've said before, you cut me and I bleed DC. I love the DC characters more than anything else in the industry and it's absolutely where my heart lies so I don't have the same affinity with the Marvel characters that I have with, say, Superman and Batman. That said, I read a lot of Spider-Man growing up, loved Daredevil, really liked the Avengers reprints I had in those big Treasury books and the black and white Marvel UK reprints."

With his contract with Marvel up in 2006 it sounds as if he's testing the DC waters even though he's certainly strained relations with a lot of the head honchos there.
It also makes more sense to me that he finds a more natural affinity with DC. His new Spider-man comic certainly pulls no punches. And though I enjoy its frenetic pace and the reappearance of some classic Spidey villains I'm not quite sure if it's the Spider-man that I grew up with. Although I admire what Millar's doing at Marvel, why can't the House of Ideas hire people who love these characters?
I think it'd make for better stories.

Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

Well Today’s bad news is that bush looks to be some eight points ahead of Kerry in the race for the Whitehouse. Oh unhappy day!
Looking from across the water it seems as if Kerry’s campaign won’t get him elected. If this happens then he only has himself to blame. He didn’t respond to Republican criticism in a timely fashion, he bleated on about his service record (Look Clinton and Bush were “draft dodgers” get the message?), he dithered over supporting the war on Iraq ‑ he was for it then against it. Sort of like a Transformer – it’s a robot it’s a car… what the F*ck is it?!?
Bush on the other hand has stuck to his guns. He’s made the world a less safe place to travel in. He’s the poster boy for millions of Muslims supporting terrorism. And he’s wrecked the lives of countless American military families who only have a flag and their memories left to them.
But he’s stuck to his guns.
If Bush wins I won’t be blaming American voters I’ll be blaming John Kerry. The election was there for the Democratic taking.
I weary, weary of the long sorrow.

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog. Since I'm a newbie at this sort of thing I hope you'll bear with me while I find my posting feet.
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